Health and Wellness

Our products and services are focused on being at the forefront of the health and wellness sectors, developing technologies and solutions that are driving industry growth and transforming lives.


Led by a team of seasoned experts with deep experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, we are dedicated to creating innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of consumers and healthcare providers alike.

From identifying emerging trends to fostering strategic partnerships, we are at the forefront of reimagining healthcare and technology convergence. Through unwavering dedication, seamless teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are crafting a future where innovation knows no bounds. Join us as we embark on a journey to reshape industries, drive advancements, and inspire meaningful change on a global scale.

Attracting the attention of industry leaders that recognize the next evolutionary steps in health and wellness has led to the acquisition, unification and strategic partnerships under the Better Health Sciences Inc.


Our Creative Director leads Better Health Sciences with a clear vision, driving our strategy and fostering collaborations. They combine creativity with finance and tech to manage a portfolio that maximizes returns and improves user satisfaction. They lead a diverse team, encouraging creativity and collaboration to create practical solutions. They’re skilled at spotting investment opportunities that benefit both patients and our finances. They also work with startups, researchers, and thought leaders to form partnerships that support research and development, help new companies grow, and advance technology.

Our Strategic Business Development Executive plays a vital role in our company’s growth. They expand our portfolio, cultivate partnerships, and enhance our industry presence. Their expertise lies in initiating and nurturing strategic partnerships, utilizing market insights and an extensive network to guide our direction. They collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams to execute initiatives, shape our internal growth strategy, and inform investment strategies. Additionally, they represent us at industry events, effectively showcasing our vision and the strength of our investments.


Our portfolio includes a range of products and services, from telemedicine platforms to wellness retreats and natural health remedies. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, affordable, and accessible to all, and are built on the latest advances in science and technology.


Welcome to Better Health Sciences, Inc. We’re dedicated to innovation in health and wellness. Our mission is clear: anticipate trends, challenge limits, and innovate. Our impact is significant with over 5000 patients and assets at 2.5 million. We’re focused on rapid growth, aiming to exceed 5 million through strategic acquisitions. Collaboration drives us. We work with experts and explore new territories, taking concrete actions to shape a healthier future. Join us as we navigate the evolving health and wellness landscape with innovation and determination. We’re not waiting for change – we are creating it.

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Our vision is to rapidly grow the company to over 5 million in assets with strategic acquisitions.


Better Health Sciences, Inc. is a subsidiary of TransGlobal Assets, Inc., a publicly traded company on OTCMarkets (TMSH). Our leadership, led by Ilya Strashun, brings expertise in technology, marketing and cannabis. Mr. Strashun’s vision drives us to explore innovation in health and wellness at the intersection of business. Join us as we lead in reshaping the future of health and wellness.



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