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Our products and services are focused on being at the forefront of the health and wellness sectors, developing technologies and solutions that are driving industry growth and transforming lives.


Led by a team of seasoned experts with deep experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, we are dedicated to creating innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of consumers and healthcare providers alike. Attracting the attention of other industry leaders that recognize the next evolutionary steps in health and wellness has led to the acquisition, unification and strategic partnerships under the Better Health Sciences Inc.


Our portfolio includes a range of products and services, from telemedicine platforms to wellness retreats and natural health remedies. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, affordable, and accessible to all, and are built on the latest advances in science and technology.


At Better Health Sciences, Inc., we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, anticipating trends, and driving innovation in the health and wellness industries. We are constantly exploring new ideas, building strategic partnerships, and collaborating with experts to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Currently Better Health Sciences, Inc., has a customer base in excess of 5000 patients, assets in excess of 2.5 million and revenues exceeding $200,000. Our vision is to rapidly grow the company to over 5 million in assets with strategic acquisitions.

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Our vision is to rapidly grow the company to over 5 million in assets with strategic acquisitions.


Pursuant to the agreement, Better Health Sciences, Inc., will be the sole operating subsidiary of TMSH and all current assets on TMSH will be divested. Updates to the corporate website and OTC Markets will be forthcoming over the next several weeks. Furthermore, Ilya Strashun is appointed as the Sole Director and officer of the corporation with the contemporaneous resignation of Curtis Philpot. Mr. Strashun is an accomplished entrepreneur with a deep expertise in technology, marketing, and cannabis sectors. He began his career in advertising, leveraging his degree in Technology and Marketing to design and run award-winning multi-million dollar campaigns in both the NGO and for-profit sectors.



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